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Dr. George Székely has authored ten books and more than one hundred journal and magazine articles. This website features his writings on and about art education. Please contact Dr. Székely by clicking the "contact" tab at the top of the page.   


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Through play each student looks for possibilities, generates ideas, engages in problem solving and imagines the shapes and forms of the future.

Dr. Székely’s writings were among the first to emphasize the importance of children’s play and home art in artistic development and as a foundation of school art.  Székely’s writings and films create vivid portraits of significant creative moments in children’s lives and celebrate the artist in every child.  In Székely’s opinion, young artists forecast the art world of the future and require a timeless curriculum based on learning from children themselves.  Székely’s research continues to question the current wisdom of only presenting adult images, techniques, and ideas to art classes.  

In the home to school

The art class is the center for creativity in every school. Play is the key ingredient in creative art teaching, inspiring students to search for their own ideas. 

How can ingenious play ideas or unusual play objects be delicately transplanted into a school setting? How can players flourish in class? How can play be initiated, led and joined by everyone? George Székely, parent, artist, and art educator, answers these questions and shares his many records of exciting hours of play in which children discover their own art in their own ways.

By using props that are familiar to children, teachers can create imaginative play setting that inspire a new kind of art-art that truly comes from the child's own imagination.


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